We want to help technological pioneers to develop innovative projects that, in the first 5 years of Step’s life, will cut 5 million tons of CO2eq


We want the success of daring minds with brilliant projects, which will allow us to significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. We invest time, resources and experience with the aim of swiftly realising and affirming their projects within the market, providing organisational, operational and strategic support. We connect research and innovation with the world of industry, to create a virtuous ecosystem that allows the green-tech projects we accompany to become “successful companies”.

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STEP Tech Park

Tech Park

STEP is a unique and futuristic physical space of 15,000m2, set within a relaxing green park designed by the agronomist Laura Gatti, the famous Italian landscape architect who created the greenery of the “Vertical Forest” in Milan.

The former headquarters of Snam, the STEP project is a story of tradition and reflects the continuity between experience and future-oriented research.

Strategically located in Treviglio, STEP is close to the train station that connects to Milan in 20 min and Bergamo 30 min, as well as the international airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio.

STEP offers spacious and bright offices with flexible working hours, broadband connectivity, complete desks, a fully equipped and avant-garde lab for experimentation, test instruments and a wide range of additional spaces such as a hall for the organisation of events and elevator pitches, large meeting rooms, welcoming relaxation & leisure areas and a fully equipped gym.

parco tecnologico Milano - Step Tech Park
Uffici e Acceleratore per startup - Step Tech Park

A “port” from which to set sail and a genuine “marketplace” where to grow, innovate, experiment and cooperate for the creation of a dynamic ecosystem that opens up to collaboration, personal affirmation and research.


The STEP lab is an invention factory, the perfect place to prototype your idea, test it, and improve it as many times as needed.

STEPlab has an ambitious goal, just like the entire park: to shape ideas and transform them into innovative and sustainable products.

3D printers, an electronic bench, benches equipped with tools and benches for precision mechanical machining supplied with numerical control tools are at your disposal and you can be guided and helped by a Tech Expert who will be happy to get their hands dirty with you.

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STEP Ecosystem

STEP aims to play a key role in the world of Italian green innovation.

Thanks to the creation and management of a technological ecosystem that includes an Ideas Lab, a Workshop 2.0, an extensive network and community system, STEP facilitates the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge from the world of start-ups and research to the industrial fabric in which it is inserted.

By using specially designed tools to assist in the work of start-ups and researchers, STEP promotes the development of entrepreneurial ideas and the birth of new business activities and employment growth.

STEP not only focuses on Italy but also beyond national borders by involving start-ups and partners from all over the world and by taking part in European projects and other initiatives that favour the internationalisation of businesses and Italian talent.

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