STEP is a vibrant, dynamic and ever-expanding ecosystem.
Here are the successful managers, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs who share our same values and help our startups in the development of their technological solutions.

People who share our same environmental sensitivity and determination to change things, concretely.


STEP is a vibrant, dynamic and ever-expanding ecosystem.
Here are the successful managers, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs who share our same values and help our startups in the development of their technological solutions.

People who share our same environmental sensitivity and determination to change things, concretely.

Alessandro Annovi

Open innovation manager

With a background as a startupper, I now deal with open innovation and support startups to help them in their growth path

My Mission Green

I find myself very aligned with STEP’s mission. I firmly believe we need to change the ways of doing business, paying greater attention to sustainability

Federico Arcuri

Legal practitioner

I am a legal professional currently attending an MBA. During my career I have been involved in commercial law, negotiation and debt restructuring. Thanks to the MBA, I have been involved in several projects that have made me understand how disruptive technologies can create value inside and outside the company.

My Mission Green

Creating a new social direction starts with ourselves. Each of us must make a personal commitment to transform our world into a better place. Technology today gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves, to build a cleaner environment, getting rid of a vision of the past that no longer makes sense today. I strongly believe that STEP is at the forefront of fighting climate change for a new ecosystem. Making our planet a better place is easier than it looks.

Leonardo Benuzzi

Innovation Manager

Creative, innovation and sustainability expert. Extensive experience from public institutions to private research centers, startups and established companies.

My Mission Green

Our actions represent us in our communities, friends, family and environment. I have chosen to have a positive impact on everything just mentioned, starting with my daily commute, working in companies that produce a positive impact and living every day according to the same principle.

Nunzio Bonavita

Technology Venture & Development Manager BL Measurement & Analytics ABB Italy

After graduating in Particle Physics at the University of Pisa, with a final thesis partially developed at the Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia (Illinois), I joined the Research and Development department of Elsag & amp; Bailey. I have over 30 years of experience in evaluating, developing and introducing advanced technologies in diverse sectors such as process control, energy efficiency, simulation, industrial water treatment, oil and gas, machine learning and advanced instrumentation. Since 2018 I am Technology Venture & amp; Development Manager for ABB’s “Measurement & amp; Analytics” Business Unit for Southern Europe. Since 2009 I have held the position of Adjunct Professor for the course “Data-based modeling and machine learning”, at the University of Genoa (Department of chemical engineering). I was industrial tutor for 7 final theses at the engineering faculties of the University of Genoa, the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Bologna and the University of Trieste, and I have written more than 65 papers published or presented at international conferences.

My Mission Green

Finding realistic and sustainable actions to effectively reduce the environmental impact, avoiding “naive” slogans and / or statements.

Barbara Bosio


Graduated with honors in Chemical Engineering, I started my research activity in 1996. In 2000 I obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering, working in close collaboration with Ansaldo Fuel Cells and focusing on molten carbonate fuel cells for the clean energy production. I continued my professional career in the context of subsequent research grants and collaboration contracts at the University of Genoa, developing an investigation approach based on the development of experimentation and modeling in a relationship of verification and mutual orientation, obtaining results that promoted the participation in projects funded by the European Union or by industrial and research partners. Thanks to obtaining a contract sponsored by ABB Italy, in 2011 I assumed the role of Associate Professor of Principles of Chemical Engineering. Since then I have dedicated myself to teaching, both within the institutional courses that have been entrusted to me, and as a result of numerous scholars, PhD students and scholarship holders, aware of the many educational responsibilities typical of the role of teacher. Furthermore, since 2011 I have coordinated, together with my colleague Prof. Elisabetta Arato, the PERT group (Process Engineering Research Team), in which I deal with new research topics, in parallel with the specific theme of fuel cells, such as production. of fuel, CO2 separation or treatment and reuse of agricultural, civil, naval and industrial waste. Specialized in the field of process simulation, in the writing of dedicated codes or in the use of commercial software, and being the author of over a hundred scientific publications, I currently collaborate with important research and industrial companies on the national and international scene.

My Mission Green

I deal with study and research activities in both traditional and innovative fields of process engineering with particular interest in the interaction between technology and the environment for the promotion of sustainable ecological and human development. My main research topics concern clean energy production, carbon capture, waste enhancement, and environmental protection.

Luca Brunello

Senior Analyst

I am an outdoor and clean technologies enthusiast, with a mixed background in management consulting and international relations that I have developed working in Milan, London, Paris and Brussels. After having worked in Eni, in the Delegation of Confindustria at the European Union and currently at the Boston Consulting Group, I help startups in the field of reforestation and clean technologies as an advisor to the CEOs and as a mentor for the Clean Tech Open, the largest program acceleration of clean technologies to the world. I am currently completing my MBA at ESCP Business School in Paris.

My Mission Green

Having a passion for nature, in particular for the sea and the mountains, and being a firm supporter of progress through technological innovation, I am looking forward to accelerating the transition to a greener world. When I have free time, I am often involved in supporting new afforestation and cleantech companies. I recently engaged in a 4-month personal project to highlight nature’s resilience by following and filming a pack of wolves in the mountains of the Italian Apennines.

Ausilia Campanaro

Digital Transformation Manager

I have just finished an MBA course during which I was able to deepen my skills in the field of digital transformation and innovation strategy. After graduating in biotechnology, I directed my professional career to project management. I have followed numerous projects in the fields of life science, digital transformation and environmental sustainability. My professional experiences in reality as companies and consulting firms have made me understand the importance of collaborating in interdisciplinary teams. My passion for sustainability and design thinking led me to work with a multifaceted approach

My Mission Green

I was able to participate in the development of numerous projects with international partners in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability. These experiences made me understand how the impact of each individual reality has repercussions on a global level. In this context, STEP has a valuable role: creating a network of people with complementary skills and common objectives is the key to directing strategies towards a sustainable future.

Simone Carcone

Co-founder and CTO ad PunchLab

I have spent the last ten years building software and hardware for companies and startups all over the world. Now I am founder and CTO of PunchLab where I create technology for combat sports.

My Mission Green

Startups have a plan b, plan c and so on. It is not the same for our planet. There is no plan b. STEP helps startups grow and at the same time helps the world save itself. It is time to include environmental sustainability metrics in business plans.

Maria Teresa Caroleo

Green and Circular Economy Expert

I am one of the founding members of Earth Empowering srl, a strategic environmental consultancy company. I have completed legal and economic studies, perfecting my training with a Master in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. After having held operational and managerial roles in companies in the environmental sector, I have been working for some time with individuals operating in the field of Innovation, providing assistance and managerial support in the development of new business initiatives and innovative projects, also dealing with the scouting of new ideas and projects. Since its birth, I have been collaborating with Murate Idea Park, incubator of the Municipality of Florence, as part of the project team and as a startup mentor. I attended the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & amp; executive courses Startup at the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, obtaining the certification of Startup Expert and becoming part of the Club of Mentors and Startup Experts of the PoliHub. validation phase.

My Mission Green

As soon as I met, I found the STEP Tech Park project extremely interesting and I contacted them immediately to understand how I could contribute to the success of the initiative. I have been working on environmental and innovation issues for some time and I immediately saw STEP as the missing link, the space needed to grow a new system of conscious entrepreneurs and businesses because it is specifically focused on the pursuit of ambition but clear and definitive objectives. As in STEP’s intentions, my approach is focused on the environmental and social impacts of economic models and innovative projects as well as on all interventions aimed at transforming and introducing the values ​​and principles of environmental sustainability into business processes. Being green and doing business do not conflict, rather we need to seize the opportunity to create solid and durable businesses. I strongly believe that technology is the enabling factor that will allow our entrepreneurial system to make that qualitative leap always desired but now really within reach.

Pierluigi Casolari


Serial entrepreneur in the digital startup sector

My Mission Green

I’m interested in tourism and sustainable mobility with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Massimo Ciaglia

CEO Connectia – Startup Coach

I am a startup coach and mentor, innovator, business angel and serial entrepreneur. I am the author of “The Startup Canvas. The method to transform an idea into a sure success ”, best seller on Amazon. I am CEO of Connectia, an advisory company that supports Startups and Corporates in scale-up and fund raising strategies. I am the co-founder of Poleecy, the first insurtech startup of micro insurance based on blockchain and I am one of the founders of the Homo Ex Machina Foundation, a technophilanthropic organization created for the safeguard and well-being of humanity accelerated by digital ideas and technologies.

My Mission Green

The future is in our hands, thinking green today will make it possible tomorrow.

Alberto Ciarniello

Executive Manager

Executive Manager with over 25 years of experience in innovation and product / business development in the telecommunications sector both in Italy and abroad. Background gained in digital and multimedia / OEM services and products, IoT, AI, VAS, mobile technology and planning, strategy and research. “Business angel” volunteer at the TIM Foundation, helping in the evaluation of “technology for good” projects.

My Mission Green

Sustainability is no longer an option, it is essential. By leveraging technology and adopting an ESG approach, now more than ever we can do a lot to change the trajectory of our development. Digital transformation is changing industries as businesses, large and small, have an unprecedented need for Open Innovation initiatives to shift gears and accelerate that change. Turning Open Innovation into a sustainable and profitable business is the way to go. I have followed the (r) evolution of green technology as a personal interest for years and have adopted it in many ways, both in my professional and personal projects. I experimented with how to design and build products and services with sustainability goals. The STEP Tech Park initiative bridges the gap between adhering to principles and making things happen. When I learned about the project, I liked the pragmatic structure, the determination of measurable objectives and the business-oriented approach. I am happy to bring my experience in the scouting, development and marketing of innovative and sustainable products and services to STEP.

Emanuele Crescini

Financial Advisor

My clients describe me as a reliable person, and they are right. I employ professionalism, seriousness and passion in my work to deserve a long-term relationship of trust. Each entrepreneur has their own goals, needs, peculiarities, expectations and my profession leads me to recommend the many services that the market offers, combining them each, with their own professional and life projects. My professional career began in the 90s, the qualification to freelance in the financial field was acquired in November 1998. Since then I have always managed my resources with my usual determination and today in Azimut Capital Management I have found a reality that I reflects. In 2005 I also started my journey as an entrepreneur with the establishment of my first company linked to wellness and in 2008, with a group of friends, I set up my first e.commerce company. In 2014 I started investing in the newborn ecosystem of innovative startups in Italy and in 2016 I was part of my first startup dedicated to the green economy as co-founder. To date, I am present as a crowd investor in more than 18 companies, as well as having co-established the first innovative agricultural startup in Franciacorta in 2018. In the startup ecosystem I have developed a good network of young and dynamic relationships, as well as being often consulted for the validation of hundreds of early stage projects.

My Mission Green

We are all inhabitants of a special planet and the responsibility of leaving our children a better environment than the one we are living in cannot exempt me from doing my part. Sharing my professional experiences, my vision, our lifestyle, oriented towards respect and protection of our ecosystem is a duty. Nothing happens by chance and changes occur in the everyday life of the present.

Lorenzo D’Amelio

Digital Strategist & amp; Business Advisor

With over 13 years of experience in communication, he specializes in web strategy and social media. He has worked for over 300 companies in Italy and Europe. He teaches Business Models and Go To Market, collaborating with incubators and accelerators. His passion for Startups led him to create the Startup Africa Roadtrip initiative to support young entrepreneurs in East Africa.

My Mission Green

Born in Biella at the foot of the Alps, I have always been passionate about environmental sustainability. Both as a citizen and as an entrepreneur, the green economy is a priority for me for the future of our planet. This is why since I was 18 I have actively engaged with various environmental civil society associations, including Greenpeace and Legambiente.

Luca Del Mese

Business Development Manager

I am a mobile technology enthusiast with a strongly business-oriented mindset. I would like to share my knowledge and experience in the 360 ​​degree food delivery industry (from operational operations to marketing).

My Mission Green

Reducing the impact on the environment by setting goals such as STEP (- 5 million tons of CO2 in 5 years) is one of the greatest challenges important that can be addressed, especially in this historical phase in which our attention and our energies are more dedicated to research in the medical scientific field to eradicate the Corona virus. Marrying the values ​​of STEP means not letting our guard down on issues related to the environment and consequently to our health, which must not lose positions in the scale of priorities.

Luigi Dilauro

Sales and Growth Marketing B2B

I am Demand Planner at CNH [Fiat], where I generate and analyze forecasts for EU markets. Driven by the passion of experiments, I have perfected my background in Sales and Growth Marketing, I am an expert in customer development and growth thanks to the background in Marketing. I am mentor of various start-ups, which I help by supporting in the design of their business plan and in finding a way to increase the revenue stream without financial support, from the idea to your first customers. Core Skills: Growth Strategy, Idea Validation, MVP, and Business Plan. I love to generate content about start-ups, marketing and entrepreneurship, which led me to have a monthly podcast called “Do smtg Great”, where I interview people in the world of start-ups.

My Mission Green

The environment is as crucial for society as it is for businesses. We all have a responsibility to conserve and protect the environment.

Carlo Durante

Executive Chairman / Entrepreneur

25 years in the energy sector of which 20 in electricity and 15 in renewables, from organization to sector regulation, from strategy to finance. Over € 2 billion of acquisitions in 20 operations.

My Mission Green

Evolution has just begun and it is like a fragile child who needs help and support. We must cultivate all the good ideas that will reshape our future. A continuation of the past is simply impossible, so welcome to the teams of young people who will accompany us on the new journey.

Davide Ederle

Advisor, Biotech Expert

Starting my career as a researcher, I developed specific know-how and expertise in Business Development, business administration, communication, marketing and technology transfer, supporting companies in the process of transforming results and of research ideas into practical solutions and business opportunities.

My Mission Green

Sustainability is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. Biotechnology is a gamechanger for sustainability and makes possible what was impossible until yesterday: finding valid alternatives to fossil fuels for any application. Let’s find them! Together.

Giorgio Fiammenghi

Business Development Manager

Engineer, with a strong passion for Sales and Marketing. Business Development as the Fil Rouge of the professional career in Italy and in the world, as a consultant, entrepreneur, professional and manager. Heavy user and Coach of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Approved Sales Navigator Trainer. Since 2016 he is Mentor and Adjunct Lecturer Area Sales Marketing at MIP – Graduate School of Business Politecnico di Milano. My research fields are Lead Generation with LinkedIn, Social Selling, Sales Enablement and Marketing Automation in Digital Transformation for B2B Sales.

My Mission Green

Sustainability and the circular economy are themes in which innovation and startups play an important role. Business Development and go-to-market are the enabling levers of Value Proposition and competitive advantage.

Pietro Florio

Post Doctoral researcher at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab at EPFL. I have been working for several years on social acceptance and the visual impact of building integrated solar modules. My areas of expertise include energy modeling and monitoring (I am currently conducting an analysis of the NEST SolAce unit at EMPA); Energy Poverty (I am part of the Engager COST action and have had an active role in research and development both in Italy and in France); Parametric architecture (I collaborate in a working group within the COST RESTORE community); Solar Energy and Urban Planning (expert and discussion leader in numerous IEA tasks).

My Mission Green

I firmly believe that sustainability should be of interest beyond technical and economic feasibility. This must become a priority for all sectors of our society. Sustainability should not be a luxury, but a choice within everyone’s reach.

Michele Franzese

CMO Scai Comunicazione

Digital Transformation Manager, Serial Enterpreneur, Event Maker. For twenty years I have been helping companies communicate with Scai Comunicazione, an all-round digital agency with great expertise in complex projects. I deal with business development and digital strategy. I have held courses and meetings in schools and universities and I am part of the faculty of the Master in Digital Transformation Giunti Academy. In recent years I have launched some startups, including PickMeApp, in the smart mobility sector and VERSO – a gesture control, and I love helping others to realize their ideas. I have created various event formats, including online, but the one I am most satisfied with is called Heroes, it tells the future of the business and is held every year in Maratea.

My Mission Green

I am very interested in developing ideas in the environmental sustainability sector but I realized, thanks also to my experiences, that it is necessary to create open innovation and supporting startups and corporates, otherwise in sectors such as mobility, it can be really too difficult for a startup to go to market.

Chiara Galletta

Senior Innovation Consultant

I am a curious and dynamic person, with an incredible passion for innovation. My professional career has revolved considerably around innovation. In the last 7 years I have supported large companies and SMEs in the search for alternative forms of financing to support investments in R & amp; D & amp; I. I managed international research and innovation projects, promoting collaboration between industry and the academic world, embracing the paradigm of open innovation. Thanks to my unstoppable desire to learn and join new adventures, after a Master in Management Finance and International Business, I decided to enroll in an international MBA at the MIP Politecnico di Milano Business School. During this fantastic 2-year journey, I got even more passionate about topics like entrepreneurship and business model innovation.

My Mission Green

The term Green shouldn’t be just a password. I firmly believe that innovation can no longer be disconnected from sustainability. In this direction, policies must be made to support innovation, supporting initiatives capable of introducing new products or services on the market that are more sustainable throughout the life cycle. To remain competitive, industries should take care of the environmental impact of their actions. Collaborations between companies and innovative startups are the key to developing and introducing sustainable ideas and solutions.

Edoardo Gava

Engineer, MBA

I am an industrial engineer, MBA Alumnus of the Collège des Ingénieurs, with previous two years work experience as a management management consultant, with particular attention to operational strategy and business development. I am currently working for a financial consulting firm based in Milan focused on start-ups and scale-ups. People find me an optimistic and motivated team player with excellent business acumen and communication skills.

My Mission Green

I believe our generation has a duty to step forward and challenge the status quo. It is no longer possible to wait for someone else’s actions to change the way things are handled today. The environment is something that cannot be taken for granted and I believe that sustainable innovation should be the goal of the next decade for entrepreneurs and lenders. STEP’s mission aims to create a tangible impact on the innovation ecosystem. I am honored to give my small contribution to the realization of the purpose of STEP.

Federico Giacomin

Senior advisor

During my professional career I have acquired knowledge and skills in the management of international and medium-sized companies operating in various business sectors. I have acquired experience in sales, in investments, in finance, in the development of commercial networks with the opening of points of sale in Europe. I performed turnaround operations by developing a broad and in-depth experience of business processes and relationships with stakeholders. I have carried out my business both in Italy and abroad, interacting with interlocutors from different countries in Europe, Asia and North America. I speak 5 languages ​​and I am very willing to travel. My strengths are the strategic vision, excellent ability to work in a team both as a leader and as a team builder, always very motivated and enthusiastic to work in a dynamic, fast-growing environment. In recent years I have worked in several start up projects in Europe and North America as CEO.

My Mission Green

The passion for sport and in particular what I practice outdoors such as cycling, horseback riding, skiing and sailing has always led to amaze and thrilled by the beauty of the world and its landscapes. I consider myself a citizen of the world not only for my mindset but also for the personal and professional life path that has led me to travel around the planet. Safeguarding biodiversity and respecting coexistence between species is the first foundation for continuing to inhabit this small but wonderful planet. I consider it a duty for everyone to help save him, but above all a reason for pride.

Noemi Glisoni

Program & amp; Innovation Manager

I am an environmental engineer with MBA and experience in business development and innovation. Through my work and my mentoring activity, I support start-ups and companies in building a more sustainable future.

My Mission Green

Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges in terms of climate and environment. STEP and I want to contribute to the change towards a more sustainable economic model by putting ourselves at the service of startups committed to offering greener alternatives.

Doris Graceni

Business Innovation Manager

I am a mechanical engineer and I currently work for Telepass as Business Innovation Manager Retail & amp; Tolling. In my career I have helped the companies and organizations I have worked for – both highly structured and not – to create and acquire value by guiding the product innovation process. I do it because I love solving problems and my mission is to improve people’s lives.

My Mission Green

I believe we have a responsibility to shape a better world for future generations. Taking care of society and the environment is not only possible but also profitable. This company represents a real step, a STEP indeed, towards a more sustainable world, which is why it is worth being part of it.

Giulio Graziani

Founder and CEO of freebly

Trainee lawyer, attorney, partner, managing partner, I have covered all the stages of the desirable career path of an aspiring lawyer. I then decided to co-found freebly, the first benefit company among lawyers in Italy, because I believe a paradigm shift in the management of professional firms is necessary, bringing the person to the center to enhance them, helping them to be happier so that they can make the best of them. professional service possible to its customers. I have always provided advice to companies in the fields of governance, compliance, corporate law and new technologies.

My Mission Green

freebly company benefit through its sustainability strategy is in line with Step’s mission, having identified goal n. 13 or action for the climate.

Piermatteo Grieco

CEO & amp; Digital Strategist Manager

Graduated in physics from the University of Pisa, I completed an advanced traineeship in Economics at the same. I was selected among the students chosen for the HEC Business Game in Paris. With my project “Estia Insights” I was chosen by the Politecnico di Milano to attend the E-Lab’s customer discovery path and I am currently studying at MITxPro in a Data science course. In 2017 I founded Pipool srl, a digital marketing agency which then transforms into a martech start-up, whose goal is to create algorithms, mathematical models and software capable of innovating every branch of marketing thanks to the power of the data driven approach.

My Mission Green

One of my online activities has always been about raising awareness about the environmental issue. My background in physics has allowed me to approach more technical sides of the problem and I have never hesitated to disclose them online, take part in offline initiatives and participate in debates and conferences on the issue of emissions. I was the youngest candidate for the Chamber of Deputies of the last elections, and with + Europa I carried out a campaign on raising awareness of the environmental issue and on the need to reduce emissions.

Cristian Gullino

Technical Consultant – Owner @ RE.CON

Graduated in chemistry, I spent the last 10 years of my professional life studying and developing technological business models; all around environmental compliance, in particular focused on the recycling of BATTERIES and WEEE. This long experience in the complex world of the environmental field has taught me to become a pragmatic, transversal and circular developer: ideas and projects need special care to become realistic business; and I love to guide them, concretely and analytically, from an idea on paper to the real world.

My Mission Green

As with STEP, my daily job is to stimulate and disseminate the value chain of green technologies and related solutions, as well as their follow-up operational in the real world.

Matteo Gustinetti

CEO @Conlabora

After several years of experience in the field of fundraising and management of community R & amp; S & amp; I projects, in 2014 I fund Conlabora Srl, a consulting company specialized in supporting public and private operators in finding and management of alternative financial sources. In addition to holding various stakes in Startups and innovative SMEs, also through investment holding companies, I am External Expert EASME and evaluator on Horizon2020 EIC Accelerator, Coach & amp; Mentor of Startup Geeks, Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Bergamo and accredited in the register of Innovation Managers of the MISE, already accredited supplier of the Lombardy Region for support services in business start-up and relaunch paths and advisor of an equity portal crowdfunding.

My Mission Green

The Green Economy is assuming an increasingly central weight within the production chains, helping to trigger a virtuous mechanism that allows better management of resources while promoting sustainable development. In this sector, the innovation of business models, enabled by new technologies, can prove to be a disruptive strategic factor: this is why the attention of public and private investors is increasingly turning to initiatives capable of generating measurable and concrete value for stakeholders. Having deepened in recent years the dynamics related to the evaluation of ESG factors in terms of impact investments on behalf of numerous companies – including innovative startups and ETS – I believe STEP’s mission is decisive in the logic of a “green open innovation” at national, as is happening in other ecosystems.

Antonio Lazzari

Open Innovation Strategist

From sustainability technician to entrepreneur, today I am a consultant for the development of strategies for the sustainability and ethical development of companies.

My Mission Green

I have a degree in environmental science and have always been involved in sustainability. After more than 20 years of working in the sector, I have decided to commit myself more strongly by supporting transition projects towards environmental and social sustainability. STEP fully represents my choices.

Antonello Leogrande

Lawyer, Solicitor, FCIArb

Creative by birth, a lawyer by choice, I have a passion as a corporate lawyer and for the creation of opportunities, whether of an entrepreneurial nature or conflict resolution. 33 in Italy and 10 in the UK years of self-employment as a civil lawyer (contracts, commercial, corporate, litigation and ADR methods), I have always considered the legal profession as a mission. I am a partner of gunnercooke llp (an English law firm with 300 lawyers and offices in London, Manchester and Leeds) and co-founder of freebly, the first law firm established as a benefit company in Italy.

My Mission Green

Being born, growing up and above all raising your children in areas with serious environmental problems such as Taranto cannot leave you indifferent. A light, a sea (or rather two) and a nature so extraordinary that it first fascinated the Spartans, who founded the capital of Magna Graecia, then the Romans, who made it one of their favorite holiday resorts. Despite the celebrations of Virgil and Ovid, the man of modern times has seen fit to set up the largest full-cycle steel plant in Europe, a refinery and one of the most important military and commercial ports in the Mediterranean. But despite (or perhaps thanks to) this, the resilience of the environment is on a par with the passion of the citizen and professional, inclined to the development of a culture of economic and social diversification, to the deepening of health protection issues. human and green economy, through scientific activity (eg, essay “Energy Law”, in the Environmental Code and related legislation, UTET, 2008, teaching in university masters and high military training, articles in magazines and newspapers, active citizenship projects) and professional (legal tutelage at the Research Unit in Medical and Environmental Technology of the PST Tecnopolis of the University of Bari).

Valter Lorenzi

Sr MSc Engineer

I am a civil engineer, graduated from the Milan Polytechnic and always attentive to energy issues. I initially worked in the construction sector and then in the energy-intensive industrial sector where I was able to experiment with various construction and plant engineering techniques to create buildings and systems with low consumption, long before this topic became of urgent relevance. In the hydroelectric field, I coordinated technicians and workers, participating in the construction of power plants, starting from dams, passing through the construction of hydraulic tunnels, penstocks, the installation of turbines, transformer cabins and power lines. Photovoltaics also saw me as an actor in various capacities in medium and large-scale projects. The most exciting challenge was that of the wind with the development and construction of wind farms abroad. Finally, I perfected myself by attending the Ridef 2.0 Master at the Politecnico di Milano. Here I expanded and consolidated my knowledge on production from renewable sources (PV, wind, biomass and biogas) and the electricity market, micro-cogeneration, electric and hydrogen mobility, storage, sufficiency and energy efficiency, developing a series of technical-economic studies and analyzes. . Over the years I have therefore become a lover of the world of energy in its many aspects and continue this path, following the events of the main Italian and international institutions and universities. “

My Mission Green

In order for innovative ideas to become tangible, fruitful and useful to the whole community, a joint effort is needed to which I intend to contribute, strong of what I have been able to know and experiment, therefore ready for new challenges.

Riccardo Malsente

Partner & amp; CoFounder Tacoma

Active in the Startup world since 2012, founders of two Startups, expert in Lean Startup methodologies, Jobs to be done and Buyer Persona. Over 50 accelerated innovative projects! For passion, with startups!

My Mission Green

With the first startup, in 2012, I recycled bags of cement to create bags and accessories. Since then, attention to recycling, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, anti-waste in the food and fashion world and new repair techniques in the low environmental impact automotive sector, and more recently, a new way to understand mobility, they have always guided and passionate me! I believe that small gestures by everyone are enough to safeguard the environment, often we do not realize that we are self-damaging. There is no trying, doing or not doing, and if in my small way I can help, I have a duty to do it!

Gianluca Maruzzella

CEO & amp; co-founder @

I am the CEO and co-founder of, a conversational AI studio committed to designing beautiful conversational experiences and language technologies. Master’s degree cum laude in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano – I started my career as a consultant in a marketing and business strategy consultancy company, and as a researcher at the Politecnico. I held the position of Head of Acceleration at IULM Innovation Lab, the business ideas accelerator designed to provide IULM University students with training and mentoring to develop a solid foundation for creating new startups.

My Mission Green

I am passionate about being able to build artificial intelligence solutions that can simplify our lives by combining both economic sustainability and good for the community.

Leonardo Massa

Investment Manager

Investor and enthusiast of experimental technology, always looking for excellence and innovation. I focus on identifying, developing and executing business opportunities that have the potential to be disruptive and to help solve the great challenge of a rapidly growing world population with increasingly limited natural resources.

My Mission Green

We must promote the transition towards a more sustainable system and future. STEP and I share the same mission: to support entrepreneurs to build companies that have an impact on the energy system, with the aim of guaranteeing a greener future.

Jacopo Mele

Managing Partner yourDIGITAL & amp; President of Fondazione Homo Ex Machina

Digital Life Coach, since 2011 I have been supporting the CEOs of medium-sized companies in the Transformation strategy. President of the Homo Ex Machina Foundation, Fellow of the Prioritalia Foundation and of the Kairos Society, member of the scientific committee of the Campagna Amica Foundation. Forbes has included me among the most influential 30under30 in European politics and among the 5under30 of Italian Enterprise Technology.

My Mission Green

I believe that in the state of ambiguity and uncertainty in which we are born the only certain thing is our responsibility for the ecosystem that hosts us.

Carlo Minini

Head of Sales, Renewable Energy Expert

Born and raised in Italy, I studied engineering at the University of Brescia, where I got a scholarship that took me to the United States for a year at the University of Colorado. As a young engineer I worked in the field of international humanitarian aid as a project manager in emergency programs (water, sanitation and housing) in Africa and Asia. Since 2007 I have been working at Turboden, a cleantech company that designs and builds innovative cogeneration plants around the world. I was initially responsible for geothermal sales in Europe and Africa, then responsible for commercial development for all ORC Turboden applications (biomass, solar, geothermal, heat recovery and waste to energy) for Oceania, based in Melbourne, Australia. Back in Brescia, at the headquarters in Turboden, I held the role of head of business development for several years for the company’s most recent innovative solutions, namely heat pumps on an industrial scale. I currently hold the position of Head of Sales of Regas, a company that has been involved in innovation for the transmission and distribution of natural gas for 20 years.

My Mission Green

We combine 13 years of experience in the renewable energy field with having lived in 5 continents and having young children. These are probably enough “ingredients” to explain why I can’t help but care deeply about our planet’s future and proudly support STEP’s green mission.

Zobeer Mohammad

R & amp; D Engineer

My main goal is to create a bridge between theoretical academic research and industrial needs, introducing innovative solutions to the market.

My Mission Green

Green economy is a hot topic nowadays as we can see how the environment is changing due to human impact. On the other hand, there are not many companies interested in investing in this field and the research is rather limited, with a huge opportunity for innovation and many problems that need to be solved. I’d like to use my knowledge to make some interesting projects that can help everyone.

Alessia Officio

Strategic and Finance Consulting, Mentoring & amp; Scouting (Startup, Fundraising)

With a double degree in Management Engineering (Polytechnic of Milan and Turin) and a Master in Management (held in London and Paris with ESCP Europe) with specialization in Finance, I have gained, in the last 10 years, various international experiences both in support of M & amp; A operations (Corporate Finance and DD in PwC and internal strategic consultancy in Faiveley Transport in the context of the merger process with the Wabtec Group), both on the Debt Advisory and IPO (Structured Finance in Intesa Sanpaolo), that Company Valuation and preparation of business plans (ad hoc operations in PwC and support for entrepreneurs and startups). During my career I have dealt with strategy and finance at a transversal level, and for some years I have been carrying out various activities – collaboration with incubators and accelerators such as Polihub, Techstars and BHeroes, in the role of Mentor, preparation of financing applications, support in the field of drafting of pitches, value propositions, equity tables and BPs, fundraising, participation in various conferences on a weekly basis – which allowed me to study the new technological paradigms together with their impact on different sectors (Healthcare, Fintech, Hi Tech .- digitalization, IoT, AI, big data, cloud systems. Etc .., Agrotech, Industry 4.0, Circular Economy), get to know their reference professionals and understand the strategic and financial levers that will characterize these market sectors in the future. I have an excellent command of German, English and French and I work as a volunteer. A phrase to remember to all those startups determined to work hard to achieve their goals: “Aim for the Moon, if you miss you may hit a Star”

My Mission Green

Passionate about business models and innovation, she has decided to direct her profile towards issues related to the creation of value and Impact Investing.

Piero Pelizzaro

Chief Resilience Officer of the Municipality of Milan

Piero has 10 years of experience in climate change policies and urban resilience planning. He is currently Chief Resilience Officer of Milan and City Lead for the H2020 Lighthouse Sharing Cities project at the Municipality of Milan. He is a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment for the Territory and the Sea for urban adaptation policy to climate change. In recent years he has been Co-Founder of Climalia, a specialized consultancy company that provides climate services in Italy, where he works as a Resilience Specialist. Piero was an Acclimatise Associate.

My Mission Green

Resilience is a mix of innovation and collective memory of the past. STEP Green Mission is about enabling innovation to improve the resilience of our communities.

Andrea Povelato


I have always been involved in innovation and after an experience as a Manager I founded a startup, hired over 60 people and sold after 5 years of activity. I collaborate with numerous Founders, Stakeholders and Universities for Mentor and Entrepreneurship Training activities. We can meet monthly (also online) during the events organized by Startup Grind Veneto of which I am the Director, or during the Conferences in Silicon Valley which brings together startups, corporates and investors from 125 countries.

My Mission Green

I like working with bright and ambitious people. Mentoring with STEP is the continuation of entrepreneurial experiences and collaborations with important local and international Stakeholders. I hope to have an impact on startup and corporate projects in the Green Tech sector.

Gabriele Rampinelli

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Investor

I am an entrepreneur in the manufacturing and renewable energy sector, with extensive experience in the wind, wave, hydroelectric and construction of machinery and equipment sectors. I have an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and completed my education at TU Delft University, The Netherlands, and Doshisha University, Japan. Already mentor of high-potential hi-tech startups at Polihub and active Angel Investor. I have demonstrated success in managerial management, business development, project management, marketing and market strategies. I have a recognized ability to build teams, transform innovative ideas into sustainable companies and lead existing higher performing teams. I am able to interact and lead people of different cultural and professional backgrounds thanks to having lived and worked in different multicultural environments: Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.

My Mission Green

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation. Since 2009 I have been working in the renewable energy sector, with the aim of creating a more sustainable world, for us and the next generations. STEP’s mission to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions aligns perfectly with my professional and personal focus.

Matteo Romano

Associate Professor

MSc in environmental engineering and PhD in energy engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. Associate Professor at the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano since 2017. Deeply involved in European and industrial projects on the development of new technologies for the production of clean energy and industry through process engineering studies. The main professional interests are related to supporting the development of new technologies in the following areas: – CO2 capture technologies for the decarbonisation of power plants and energy-intensive industries – Production of biofuels by converting thermochemical biomass – Flexible power-to systems -X

My Mission Green

Throughout my career I have worked on evaluating new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions generated by energy production and industry. I can’t wait to see another 5 Mt of CO2 emissions avoided.

Saverio Russo


I deal with Digital Innovation, oriented towards Marketing and Sales. I am marketing manager of Hemargroup, an engineering and production company of electronic devices. I collaborate with Startup Geeks and B-Heroes as a mentor and startup selector. In 2019 I was included among the top 50 tech visionaries in the world and in 2020 I won the “” Hubspot Champion User Award “”, reserved for the most active and innovative users of the famous Inbound Marketing suite. As an entrepreneur I co-founded The Bridge Network, a free online community of digital talent, where we offer online recruiting, training and event management services. In my free time I dedicate myself to two associations: Visionaries, where we spread the knowledge of the most innovative technologies and we have organized the 3D printing of masks and respirators in times of emergency; Social Warning, where we go to schools to educate young people in the correct use of social media.

My Mission Green

I was struck by a sentence I read once: “man is the only animal that has not developed any equilibrium with the environment” . As extraordinary as our ability to adapt to any habitat is, we have a duty and a responsibility to preserve nature as the only sentient species. Today being green is no longer a tinsel to show off, within an elaborate branding strategy, but a fundamental and now mandatory strategic choice. As a STEP mentor, I try in my small way to support all green-tech innovations, because they will set the agenda in the near future

Jacopo Sala

Ph.D. Researcher at KULeuven & amp; Imec

“With an energetic and entrepreneurial spirit, I have chosen solar photovoltaics as my area of ​​contribution to accelerate the sustainable energy transition. After an international course of study in energy engineering, with particular attention to renewable energy and entrepreneurship, I am currently researching the technical tools that will enable the ecological solutions of tomorrow. Furthermore, in my free time, I collaborate in international activities to connect and support young professionals in the field of sustainable energy. “

My Mission Green

In search of more sustainable practices, we face challenges at many different levels, from R & amp; D experts to policy makers, from the individual to the big industry. The global climate challenge we face today is fascinating and requires collaborative and interactive solutions through an interdisciplinary approach. I have chosen solar research and development to pursue my technical contribution, now I want to step up and help others achieve their goals.

Antonello Schiavo

Sales Operations Manager

I’m Director of Sales Operations at Google, where I teach outsourcing companies how to run and run their business like Google. Since 2016 I have also been mentor at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, where I have followed over 20 startups on growth and marketing strategies. I am passionate about innovative ideas and consumer trends and consider myself a “lover of the future”, eager to stay in tune with the latest innovations and to know where the next customers will be.

My Mission Green

I love supporting startups and ideas that can go beyond just profit and have a positive impact on society at large.

Laura Sfiligoi

Marketing Consultant for a new luxury fashion brand

I am a motivated and curious person, strongly interested in sustainability, innovation and new business models. One of my greatest passions is fashion, which unfortunately is the second most polluting industry in the world. I’m trying to promote Slow Fashion & amp; Sustainability, through interviews with brands that produce surprising but sustainable products. I want to explain what and who is behind the beauty of the garments and that this beauty must not cost anyone’s life or safety. I am a materials engineer with an MBA. I currently work as a marketing consultant, a job that I love, because it’s fascinating to explore people’s minds, to find exactly the right approach to communicate with them. I am very meticulous in the way I communicate: I choose every single word carefully, until I find the perfect match for my speech.

My Mission Green

For me, Sustainability means valuing every single thing I have and being altruistic. When you value the things you have, you don’t waste anything. If you are selfless, you try to allow other people and future generations to enjoy the beauty of life and the world as well. I believe these are also the fundamental values ​​underlying the STEP mission.

Fabio Silvestri

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Over 10 years of national and international experience in research, development and innovation, with a strong passion for organic chemistry. Experience in various sectors (automotive, footwear, insulation, pharmaceuticals), always with the idea of ​​creating value for both the company and the customer. If you are a large company or an early stage startup, you must keep in mind that it is not just about finding suitable technical solutions, but also about how to implement them.

My Mission Green

We need new products and new solutions. What can make a huge difference is how we do it, and having sustainability in mind from the start is the only way to properly achieve these goals.

Ludovica Trasmini

Internal Consultant

Mathematics with an MBA, passionate about education and green economy

My Mission Green

I believe that to create a better future we need to make it easy for people. That is why it is important to look for solutions that help people and companies to be more sustainable.

Stefano Spreafico

CEO and President of AWS Corporation srl

Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering in 1996 at the Politecnico di Milano. First 7 years of working career in the field of landfills and municipal waste incineration, wastewater treatment and air pollution control systems with a small engineering office in Bergamo. Subsequently, I worked for 5 years at Alstom Power as Project Engineering leader of coal plants (660 MW units) FGD. After 12 years of employment, in 2012 I founded my company for the sale, design and production of equipment and systems for the control of atmospheric pollution. Starting from scratch, I created an international company based in Italy, a commercial branch in Belgium, a commercial and production division in China, agents and representatives all over the world. I have spent my entire career working in international environments with colleagues, clients and partners from different countries. Attitude to business development in environmental disciplines and energy recovery.

My Mission Green

I am passionate about engineering applied to the environment to develop solutions that can improve the sustainability of our demanding society. I found the STEP mission extremely innovative and future-oriented in my main field of interest, professionally and personally. I am willing to actively dedicate part of my free time to this adventure, with the opportunity to invest as an entrepreneur in new and stimulating ideas in the environmental sector.

Loredana Suanno

Program Manager

Program Manager with nearly 7 years of experience in managing complex projects in the aerospace sector. Since 2014 I have been managing the 4 out of 5 stage production contract for the VEGA satellite launcher, for which I am responsible for the P / L target and I am in charge of defining and managing the annual budget of operational resources. My responsibilities include leading a cross-functional team of 15 people, control costing, compliance with the production / delivery plan, defining the strategy to improve operating margins by reducing production costs and increasing the production rate, promoting approaches to lean manufacturing and digital transformation projects. My life has always unfolded under the banner of the “no comfort zone”. Driven by the search for the challenge and the desire to learn in 2010 I moved to France to work at the Arianespace company where I stayed until 2013 and where I held the role of head of technical compliance and “on time” availability. solid propulsion engines of the Ariane 5 and VEGA launchers. Thanks also to this experience, I acquired the mentality to move in an international context and lead a multicultural and cross-functional team with a positive, goal-oriented and empathic approach. I believe in continuous improvement and I recently obtained the EMBA at the MIP of the Politecnico di Milano to strengthen my economic, financial and strategic skills, always having a careful look at the issues of environmental sustainability and the circular economy. On these issues I carried out the final project work, which involved the evaluation of the business opportunity related to the Bio-Fixation of CO2 through the cultivation of microalgae in an ENI photo-bio-reaction plant.

My Mission Green

Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell writes: “See the world around you. It may seem like an immovable place. It is not. With a slight push, in the right place, it can be completely overturned “. The central question of our time is that technological innovation has given us an increasingly interconnected world and with it something more than the feeling that “the world around us” has become smaller and smaller and also more and more sensitive and fragile than the actions of individuals. This aspect, however, should not scare us but give us a glimpse of the opportunity together with the responsibility of actively participating in the solution of global problems by relying on the weight of our individual actions and our individual decisions. I am here to participate and give my contribution to design and help create business models that are not only economically sustainable, but that are also sustainable from a social point of view and impact on the Earth, the common home we share with billions of others. people and our legacy for future generations.

Matteo Todisco

Head of Communication | Creative Lead

After founding my own brand, I directed a photography magazine, founded a magazine and adapted the tone of the voice of the Velasca brand. I am currently the communications director of TEK, B Corp.

My Mission Green

Thanks to a 1 year experience in Berlin and the 3 years spent in Velasca, I fell in love with the world of startups. At Tek I am learning about sustainable issues and am combining many of my passions.

Alberto Toril Castro

New Ventures and Technology Prospects, Iberdrola PERSEO

Energy & amp; Investment senior analyst, proactive and results-oriented, with a course of study and international work experience in the energy sector. Implementation of business initiatives aligned with the energy transition.

My Mission Green

The commitment to embrace a cleaner and more sustainable energy system is not an option that presents itself to us, but an obligation that we must pursue in all the energy fields. The technological solutions are not football teams that you decide to support or not, but the national team in which players, with different skills suitably combined, are the only way to win the game. To achieve this, the world needs creative minds with disruptive ideas that can adapt to different market conditions, as CO2 emissions do not have a passport.

Gian Luca Viganò

Clinical Engineering

I was born and live in Treviglio, where I graduated as an electrical technician. I then graduated in Biomedical Engineering in 2000 at the Milan Polytechnic and since 2001 I have been working as a clinical engineer: for 19 years at the Niguarda in Milan and currently at the Spedali Civili in Brescia, the two most important public hospitals in Lombardy. In my business I have dealt with all aspects related to technology in the hospital: purchase, testing, maintenance, restructuring of departments, design and construction of a new hospital. Since January 2020 I have been collaborating with DG Welfare of the Lombardy Region and with ARIA for the governance of the purchases of goods and services. For over 5 years I have been teaching at the Politecnico di Milano – Faculty of Biomedical Engineering – in the field of hospital systems and healthcare organization. I am co-founder of the bioengineering commission to the order of engineers of Bergamo.

My Mission Green

I am 45 years old and the theme of the future of our environment has always interested me, with the right concern for ours and for future generations. The STEP tech project, which is based in my city, is a sign of attention to which I would like to contribute as much as possible: the biomedical sector seems far from these issues, but in reality the points of contact are many (from the research of biomaterials , to the energy supply of hospital buildings and equipment, from cogeneration to the issue of packaging for medical devices).

Riccardo Volpato

Co-founder @ MOST, Creative director

I am co-founder of the visual design studio MOST. Graduated in communication design at the Milan Polytechnic, I worked between Italy and Germany as a graphic designer and then as creative director for the Operation Butterfly and Branding Cuisine agencies, designing the image of numerous brands and start-ups. I work permanently as a consultant with GridSig for the design and design of interfaces for dedicated software products.

My Mission Green

My aim is to facilitate, through effective communication, the ecological transition towards a sustainable development model. To do this, I think it is essential to support start-ups which, thanks to their knowledge, technical skills and creativity, have the tools to tackle the fight against climate change.