Why choose us?

We know that building a company from scratch is a tough challenge as we have experienced it several times ourselves. In the beginning, everything is limited: organization, money, and focus.

This is the moment when STEP comes into action: in this first year, we are the business strategists who guide you, the experts who perfect your products, and your top sales team.

We are your "idea implementers" rather than consultants.

scegliere incubatore startup lombardia | Step Tech Park

Why choose us? It's very simple!

incubatore imprese green

We are the only innovation hub in the green-tech sector with the aim, carved in stone, to reduce Co2eq emissions into the atmosphere by 5 million tons!

network imprese acceleratore startup Milano

Thanks to an extensive business network we are able to develop your products, predict their continuous improvement and facilitate their successful launch on the market

incubatore startup da 20 anni settore energetico

We have a strong industrial background and 20 years of experience in the energy sector. We will support your projects and drastically reduce their time-to-market

laboratorio per ingegnerizzazione prodotti acceleratore startup

We provide a state-of-the-art lab and we assist you in product engineering to obtain fast feedback from the market and allow successful pivoting

location incubatore imprese treviglio bergamo

We welcome you in a bright and functional location surrounded by greenery in Treviglio. Just a few km from Milan and Bergamo and major international airports

modello di business incubatore start up lombardia

In exchange for sharing your risk, we ask you for a % of revenue for the first few years, generated thanks to our work. If you win, we win too, all for the benefit of our planet!

reinvestimento utili acceleratore startup Step Tech Park

100% of STEP’s profits will be reinvested annually to develop the science and technology park. Each start-up and the world of green innovation can benefit from that

Steps for success

Each project will go through these steps:


Business model




Market Analysis


Product/Service design


Market Entry


Boost & Scale.up


Results valuation



You will be accompanied into the chosen market by 3 main professionals:

Business & Opportunity Developer - incubatore Step Tech Park

Business & Opportunity Developer

This person will take care of the analysis, development, planning and monitoring of all the activities concerning the strategic, design and commercial aspects of your company and will act as a link between the start-up and the business world. The Business & Opportunity Developer will strive to develop profitable start-up-customer connections, filtering possible customers, organising one-to-one meetings with the best potential customers and facilitating the negotiation and sales processes

Tech Specialist & Project Engineer - incubatore milano Step Tech Park

Tech Specialist & Project Engineer

This person will guide you in creating a technological-strategic plan aimed at the creation and industrialisation of the best product to be offered on the market. Together with the Business & Opportunity Developer, he/she will support you in the product development plan, from the prototype phase to its engineering and in the implementation of new features, offering a methodological approach based both on his/her technical experience and on the logic of lean startup

Technical Expert - incubatore bergamo lombardia Step Tech Park

STEPLab Technical Expert

At our STEPLab, a reliable and competent lab expert will be on hand to assist you, if necessary, for operational development and improvement of the product, or parts of it, and for its engineering. The Lab Expert will help you in the search for better materials, in the optimisation of the processes and in the use of all the instruments made available in the Lab.

Community, Connections & Advice

We are entrepreneurs in the industrial sector, and we have already created start-ups, so we know just how lonely and challenging starting a company can be. Working by sharing spaces with other people who face the same challenges and who have a single goal for the future of this planet makes a huge difference.

For this reason, we will help you providing opportunities to share with others and we will ensure that you do not make the same mistakes that we made. In addition, we will give you the chance to meet with the world of industry and with potential customers.

acceleratore imprese servizi di supporto- Step Tech Park

We are able to support you in the following areas thanks to an extensive network of mentors and experts:

  • Communication & Digital Marketing
  • Legal assistance and patent protection
  • Tax and administrative advice
  • IT & Digital Services Consulting
  • HR Services & Labour Consulting
  • Fundraising & Venture Capital screening
  • Monitoring unit for calls & Access to financing
  • Certification, quality and privacy consultancy

STEP does it better!

First of all, we work FOR YOU and WITH YOU to research your product market-fit and get your business off the ground quickly.

Our teams will support you from the very first moment as if we are a single team.

When you will be joining at STEP, we will ask for a percentage of the revenues which will be agreed beforehand in terms of amount and duration. It will be strictly in line with the real needs to industrialize your product and the complete strategy to break into the market.

The proof of our commitment is given with the risk we share with you!

Another of STEP’s strengths is the verticality of our hub. We focus on start-ups with projects focused on strong environmental impact, with a highly innovative character and high business potential. STEP will be a space full of motivation, influences, synergies, and useful contacts.

Are you looking for a hub to shape your business? Don't think twice and fill in the form to get ready for an amazing adventure.

Incubatore per imprese Treviglio - Step Tech Park

STEP Call for future 2021 | Application form

In order to help you filling out the application form we have prepared a complete guide. We hope it helps you!

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1.Basic information

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2. Team

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3. Environmental Impact

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4. Business potential

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5. Introduce your startup

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If, after reading this guide , you did not find the answers to your doubts or you are experiencing any problem with filling the call and uploading your attachments, please write at hello@steptechpark.com. We will be happy to help you!