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Soluzioni green-tech per l'industria

Industry makes the difference

75% of Italian emissions are produced by the economic system. Of these, it is the manufacturing sector that contributes most to the environmental impact, for as much as 21% of the total. We recognise in companies the environment where action can and must be taken. STEP was born for this, to bring innovation in industry and accompany managers in the grounding of green technologies.
Soluzioni green-tech e idee

We already have innovative solutions at our disposal

Innovative and sustainable solutions are already on the global market. STEP is here to find, select, validate and propose them to industry. In addition, technological progress is growing exponentially in the green-tech industry. Innovative solutions exist, we just have to accept that it is now time to bring about change.

There is no time, we must act now

In order to effectively combat climate change, it is crucial to keep the global average temperature increase below 1.5 ºF compared to the pre-industrial era. Although progress has been made, progress is not fast enough. In 2022 we have already reached a temperature increase of +1.15 system, drastically shortening the time window to act. Originally planned for 2050, the EU goal now requires decisive action in this decade. It is a call for immediate action to prevent irreversible climate impacts.

Our history



STEP Srl Benefit Company is born with the aim of reducing 5 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere through innovation



The STEP Tech Park opens in Treviglio, a 15,000 m2 park, an iconic green tech place where startups can present themselves to develop their products and services



As a startup accelerator, STEP specializes in the decarbonisation of Italian industries to bring solutions to the most impactful production sectors.



STEP becomes increasingly international with Action and strategic partnerships

step è una società benefit

We are a benefit society

We decided to establish ourselves as a Benefit Society from our inception. By statute, profit goals are closely linked to the intention to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

step è una società benefit ed è concreta


We are born out of industry and we know that facts matter more than words. To achieve our mission we must ground projects developed with companies, implement innovative solutions in industrial processes.
step è una società benefit ed è innovativa


We go beyond what has always been done. We set no limits. We seek different solutions and approaches that combine creativity with engineering to produce in symbiosis with the planet.
step è una società benefit e ha un approccio etico


We are here for the planet. Because we believe that a regenerative economic model is possible. Let us not compromise on environmental sustainability because we must have the courage to make the right choice.
step è una società benefit e ci mette passione


We want to make a difference. We believe in change. We love our surroundings and we want to preserve it. We believe in the future and in man. We know that there is a solution and we do not want to ignore it.

Our team

CEO e Co-founder
Franco Jamoletti
General Manager
Michele Tosi
Co-founder &
Business Development Manager
Loredana Reniero
Technology Manager
Matteo Mainardi
Communication Expert
Francesca Scanzi
Sustainability Specialist
Gabriele Lorenzi

Work with us

We are looking for people passionate about innovation and sustainability.

Discover the open positions or send us a spontaneous application!

The network

In a world that requires different and innovative solutions, creating widespread and decentralized systems is essential, the plant world teaches us. STEP is a promoter and part of an international network of professionals with expertise that revolves around 360% sustainability. This allows us to offer the best accompaniment to companies that decide to take this path with us.