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5 useful business documents to start a decarbonization journey

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5 documenti aziendali utili per iniziare un percorso di decarbonizzazione

5 useful business documents to start a decarbonization journey

Measuring the production process is the first step for any environmental sustainability activity in the company. However, data collection can be demanding and a challenge for many companies.

For this reason, we have created a checklist, based on our daily work, that helps CEOs and managers prioritize essential data.

Latest energy diagnosis

A corporate energy audit is a document that describes the current state of the plant’s energy setup, the energy performance of existing facilities and production processes. Typically, it provides some initial guidance for energy optimization and is a key information base for more in-depth analyses.

GHG inventory

Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) is a document containing an analysis of an organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The inventory includes quantification of direct(Scope 1) and indirect(Scope 2 and 3) emissions associated with production and operational activities.

Electrical load curves

Load curves represent the electrical consumption profile of the plant. Displayed in an Excel document, they show the hourly or quarter-hourly electrical consumption in kWh absorbed by the entire plant over the past year. The data include consumption of production lines and machines, auxiliaries, lights, other equipment, etc., at specific times.

Hourly data of self-generation of energy

Self-generation energy systems such as photovoltaics and CHP are typically monitored through dedicated software, from which Excel can be downloaded containing the amount of energy produced and consumed by the system for each hour.

Why is it important to have both self-generation data and load curves?

The electrical load curves show energy absorption from the grid, but if some of the company’s energy consumption is self-generated, the load curve data alone provide a partial representation of the plant’s energy balance.

Raw material and waste register

The raw material and waste register can be found from company management systems and is used to track in detail the entry and exit of raw materials, by-products and waste generated during the production process. This data can be used to improve the circularity of the process.